Opening Day – January 2020

The school year started in January 2020 as staff and students arrived in DGS to kickstart yet another year. This is finally the end of the long holiday and the beginning of the school year. Teachers assist students to adapt from the home environment to the school environment onwards.

Market Clean Up

Grade 3 pupils took part in a market clean up exercise. The community was glad to receive the children and commended their good work. The children were tasked to improvise cleaning tools which they did very well and proved effective.


DGS Students in Joint Assessment

One of our local partners set up a joint assessment between different schools in the area. DGS students performed very well. All students who participated in the assessment were later rewarded. The Assessment was based on Numeracy and Literacy (English and Swahili) skills.

2019 Year 8 – Final Exams Preparation

The final year class of this year are making strong preparations as they cover all learning areas. The teaching staff is working hand in hand with them to ensure everyone will be at their best at the end of the year.

The Scouts’ Club

The Scouts’ Club is responsible for conducting the start of each assembly in DGS. The team comprises of girls and boys in charge of hoisting the national flag and singing the national anthem. On Mondays they sing the national anthem in English while on Fridays they sing in Swahili. They also ensure the trees in the DGS environment are protected.

Mathematical Sets Donation

Class 8 students each received a mathematical set to assist their geometrical skills in the Mathematics class. We hope this addition will help improve the mathematics results in the national examinations in October.

Electric Fans Now in Classrooms

Thanks to a generous donation from one of our sponsors electric fans have been fitted in the library and a few classrooms. This is as a result of the high temperatures especially in the afternoons that make it unbearable for learning to continue effectively in the classrooms.

Play Time Break

Pupils have one short break in between the morning classes. They use the break to unwind and relax by playing some creative games. Next time you visit DGS make sure you play one of the games with the children.

Ball Games – Term Two 2019

The activity fees funded by the Destiny Children Charity went a long way. A good number of students were able to represent the school. The games competitions started at the zonal level, then to the sub-county, county and regional level. Two of our DGS  students made it all the way to the regional level and a few teachers were able to go to these games to support them.

Lunch at DGS – Preparing to Cleaning up

Welcome to Destiny Garden’s lunch program. Our aim is to provide all the children with a nutritious lunch every school day to help learn more effectively; for some this is their only proper meal during the day.  Meal preparation involves the kitchen staffs buying and sorting out the food before cooking it. The students are very responsible and help with cleaning up the tables and seats. They do this before and after the meal.

Term One 2019 Mid-Term Examinations

The first wave of examinations is here. All students sat for examinations based on the January classes. Most of the students had mixed feelings since this was the first examinations of 2019. After 3 restless days, the students completed their examinations. It was a silent relief to many. We keep encouraging students to take the examinations and enjoy school for this reason.

Lunch Break in DGS

Students always look forward to the DGS lunch break. All children enjoy free lunch provided through the school’s feeding program. The children get to sit and enjoy the meal together.

Term One 2019 – Games Preparations

Destiny Garden School children are warming up to participate in the Term One  games competition. Students will be participating in athletics (track and field events). Teachers are ensuring  the students get enough training and support .We wish them all the best as they plan to represent DGS.

Grade One Learning “Sounds” in English Class

Grade One students  are advancing their English language skills. They really enjoy learning sounds in the english lesson. All are excited and ready to learn more from their teacher.

Welcoming the Day Care Class 2019

The Day Care class is receiving new admissions, the school having reopened the first week of January. The age of children being admitted is 3-4 years old. The children are already enjoying their stay in DGS as they play and learn a few basic things about school. We are glad they are starting school and look forward to more years with them.

Back to School – January 2019

It is January 2019 and students have reported back to school after the long Holiday break in November and December. The students have enjoyed their break, many visiting other existing family members within and out of Mombasa. They are now back and we look forward to a prosperous New Year.

End Year Party 2018

Students, parents and teachers all gathered to mark end of 2018 with a beautiful party. It was amazing to have all the people coming together to enjoy the last day of school the year. After a long year of hard work, it was great to finally meet and look back to the year that was. We look forward to making 2019 even better.

Graduation Day 2018

There was all colour and excitement as DGS marked its 2018 Graduation Day. It was a beautiful day as the Pre Primary 2 class (formerly Kindergarten 3) graduated. Parents, teachers and fellow students gathered to share the joy together. At the end of the day there was a huge cake for all to taste a slice. The graduating class will now join the primary school wing in 2019 as Grade 1.

End of Year Exams!

The Third Term in Kenyan schools is a short one, just September and October.  At the end of October, the children in the older classes complete written assessments.  Most of the classes take in house assessments, apart from Year 8 pupils, who take the KCPE before moving on to High School.  These assessment are used to track students’ progress and plan for the following year.


DGS Staff have ICT Training

Five members of the teaching staff (Bety Odingo, Christine Nyariera, Nicodemus Muthoka, Catherine Mutuku and Christine Ulii) attended an ICT Training day.  Afterwards, the school received five tablets donated by the program trainers.  DGS is keen not to be left behind as Digital Learning becomes a key part of education and will be essential in many areas of employment.  Staff are already making use of the tablets in the classroom.


Class Photos 2018

Here are DGS Class Photos for our 11 classes of 2018!

Class 8 is our final class. These students will be taking their KCPE examinations (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) in November and will hopefully progress on to High School.


Fun in Term 2!

During this term the children have enjoyed class celebrations, where sponsors had sent funds for them to have a treat.

The children greatly enjoy their time at school, putting lots of energy into playing games during breaks!

Fatuma and Sporting Successes!

Fatuma Mwalimu was awarded The Joe Hunt Trophy for DGS Footballer of the Year at the end of Term 2.  Fatuma has been the most outstanding player in the school for the past two years.  In August, she played in the National Schools’ Football Tournament.  This is the first time a DGS pupil has been selected to participate in a National Sports Competition.  DGS is extremely proud of Fatuma and we wish her much success as she pursues her passionate interest in Football.

DGS had one of its best ever years in the Term Two Schools’ Ball Games competitions.  Most of the teams progressed into the higher stages of their competitions.  Most notable was the performance of the Girls’ Football Team and the individual achievements of Fatuma Mwalimu, progressing all the way to the National level of the Football Competition.

Visitors, visitors!

During Term 2 DGS had a number of very welcome visitors.

Guillermo and Marta visited DGS in May and spent some quality time with our students.  Guillermo is one of Allies & Morrison’s architects who helped with the construction of the new Library/Dining Shelter. Their visit was particulalry valuable to our upper primary, where they shared ideas and understanding on different topics.  Marta, a Pharmacist, gave a fascianting and informative talk on drug and substance abuse.

Another visitor was Lea, from Munich, Germany, who volunteered at DGS for three months starting in May. She assisted in classrooms, in the office and during the Games break in the evenings.  The students greatly enjoyed her company during her stay.  DGS was delighted that Lea was able to stay and particpate in so many school activities;  her help was greatly appreciated.

Nick, one of the Destiny Children Charity Trustees, together with Helen, his wif, and their
two Daughters, Polly and Maddy, visited DGS in the last week of Term Two. They did
various activities with the children, including helping them to completing their ‘Dear Sponsor’ letters and conducting an Art Class.

Finally, DGS also has a visit from Kate, a teacher in the UK, and Sam, in August. They spent time with students from various classes and had lots of fun with the children. The children in Nursery school were delighted to receive some artwork made by the pupils at Kate’s school in the UK.

Staff training and news …

During the Summer term, Teaching Staff participated in a number of training sessions to ensure their skills and knowledge are all up to date. DGS is keen to ensure that staff are supported by appropriate training to deliver the best possible educatuon to our students. This term’s training focused on building the skills needed to deliver the
new curriculum.

In other news, we were delighted to receive a new camera in the month of May, funded by a UK supporter.  It is one of the latest models (Canon 800D) built with a 24 mega pixel sensor.  The Camera will enable us to continue to provide top quality images for our school reports and sponsor updates.

The school office now has an assistant manager, Maricela Chao. She received a new laptop to assist her in her work. DGS is grateful for the Laptop which was donated by one of its sponsors. DGS is growing fast in the ‘Digital World’ and it is only a matter of time before our staff and students are all fully incorporated.

Picture Perfect!

There was a big surprise in store for all DGS children on the day they received two printed photos of themselves, a portrait and an action shot. The children were all delighted to have the photos they had been waiting for.   The children enjoyed sharing these pictures with their friends at school and with their families. It was a very exciting event!

The photos were kindly printed and laminated in the UK by a DGS sponsor.

Beautiful Bracelets!

In the Spring, DGS students wre invited to design and make bracelets for the wedding favours at a sponsor’s wedding.   An enthusiastic group of children had a wonderful time producing these beautiful bracelets.  They demonstrated impressive design skills and artistry, for young children. As always, the children’s talents are impressive!

Guillermo and Marta Visit DGS

Guillermo and Marta visited DGS and spent some quality time with the DGS students. Guillermo is one of Allies & Morrison’s architects who designed and monitored the progress of the new Dining Shelter/Library. Their visit was a boost to our upper primary students – they shared with them a number of lessons on drug and substance abuse, a topic we usually cover to create awareness amongst our students in order to combat negative peer pressure. Marta, a Pharmacist, did this very efficiently.

An enthusiastic reception for the new Curriculum at DGS!

DGS aims to adopt and implement the New Curriculum during 2018.  As we get closer to
the end of its first year, teachers and pupils are giving it and enthusiastic reception.  The new
curriculum is more practical and hands on than the previous curriculum.  There is, of course, a need
to buy new books and materials to support this.

DGS are fortunate in receiving sets of Exercise Books for our classes.  Having the correct writing materials for our students means learning is always improving. This is reflected in our assessment results and the letters the children write to their sponsors. One of our primary goals is to ensure that all children are effective communicators in speech and in writing and in all academic areas.   Well supported by our outstanding Staff Team, students show great determination to achieve the best results.

Lunches in our Dining Shelter

DGS is very grateful for the sponsorship which continues to pay for every child to receive a healthy cooked lunch, essential to the well being and progress of our pupils.   More funding has also been received for tables and benches to go in our smart new Dining Shelter.  All the pupils can now be seated for lunch in three sittings.  Even the youngest, Pre-Primary children, are able to eat their lunch sitting at tables now, with help from their teachers.

Year 6 pupils celebrate new uniform gift!

Class 6 children were surprised this term by the presentation of a new school uniform for each child, bought with a donation from a DGS sponsor, Debi.  (Debi also sponsors Grace, one of the Y6 pupils)

Debi said, “Children being the same as their peers creates confidence and equality, which is so very important for them all .”

Debi donated an amount which was enough to provide each child with a full school uniform i.e. a dress and socks for girls and a shirt, a pair of shorts and socks for boys.  Staff at DGS spent several weeks making sure each child would receive a uniform that fitted properly.  The new clothes were presented on 7th March which was Grace’s Birthday.  The children were very excited when they received the new uniforms.   Those who had no uniform, or tattered, worn out uniform, are now able to wear their new clothes with pride.

Grace’s birthday party was a great celebration for the whole class. They all wished one another well as they loked forward to another great year ahead. They enjoyed some fruit juice, a large cake and biscuits.

Many thanks to Debi for her generous gift.


Sporting success and new equipment

The Games Department received a very useful donation of sports equipment, thanks to the generosity of the architects and engineers, Allies & Morrison and Arup.  This has enabled more pupils to particpate in a range of sports.  Physical Education is now a mandatory subject in the Kenyan Education curriculum, so the donations came at just the right time to ensure DGS is able to fulfil the new requirements.

DGS has had quite a few successes in sports in the past.  Term One was an Athletics season in the Sports Calendar. DGS did not disappoint. We had a representative in the Sub-County Games. We hope to achieve more in the coming Term Two ball Games Competitions where we are favourites in various categories.

Class 4 visit to Fort Jesus Museum on Mombasa Island

Class 4 visited the famous sixteenth century Fort Jesus and Museum on Mombasa island. This was an educational trip that was also very exciting and a lot of fun for the children, who are normally limited to classroom activities. The trip was sponsored by Miguela and her son Valerio who sponsor one of the children in the class.

The many benefits of our Sponsor’s letters

Letters sent to children by sponsors continue to play a major role in improving the quality of language.  The children read out these letters in class and learn how to reply to letters. It also offers a rich sense of diversity to the children as they learn about how people live in other countries.  The photos and drawings are always a great source of interest!

Here are some photos of Fatima, Kaula, Maua and Salome reading their letters and celbrating their birthdays with a cake for the class.  And, of course, each birthday child has some of the cake icing dabbed on her face!


Musical marvels!

In March DGS was proud to play host to as educational gala.  The school staff and pupils were delighted and proud of the choir who won an award in their category.

New wash basins keep germs at bay!

The children now have rows of newly installed wash basins outside the toilet block.   These fulfil the requirements of the  Ministry of Health.  The children can now make sure they have clean hands before sitting in the new Dining Shelter to enjoy their mid day school meal.


New Look Classrooms at DGS!

The new look DGS Classrooms, funded by a Mombasa company, came into use in January.  It came as a total surprise to the children, when they returned from their holiday, to find bright, newly refurbished classrooms.  The walls had been freshly painted, the floors tiled and glass windows installed. What a difference!  With additional desks in Grades 1 to 3, crowding at tables in most classes is now greatly reduced.

Our improved school library

In 2018 the Library was completed.  It has space to acomodate 2 whole classes, with plenty of room to view and choose books.  The librarian is always available to help the children choose new books.   Another wonderful resource for the children!


New Dining Shelter for DGS children

The beginning of 2018 saw the completion of further major developments at DGS reflecting the tremendous progress made in the previous four months.  The most exciting change for the children was the completion of the Dining Shelter and Library. The classrooms also completed major renovations.  DGS continues growing from strength to strength thanks to the generosity of our many sponsors.

With the completion of the Dining shelter and provision of benches and tables, the children can now sit comfortably to eat their lunches, out of the sun and rain.

A very exciting event was the special meal served to celebrate the opening of the Dining shelter!  In January, DGS was treated to a special meal, to mark the building of the new Dining Shelter. Donations from sponsors Simon and Matt provided a rare fish meal and fruit. This was a great celebration to launch the Dining Shelter. A number of parents were present to share the joy of the occasion.

Teacher Training updates

The Kenyan educational system is undergoing a major change.  In January DGS teachers attended a training session on the new Kenyan education curriculum.  As with any change, there are many challenges for the school.  DGS is fortunate in being able to offer relevant expertise and training to our teaching staff.  They will undergo several training sessions to ensure they are fully up to date with the new Education regulations.

In April, AMURT through WWW trained five teachers: Jeremiah, Beth, Jessica, Catherine and Nicodemus. The training focused on Girls’ education challenges. Teachers were trained on a variety of approaches to teaching numeracy and literacy skills to appeal to the pupils and improve their progress.   At DGS, staff/ teachers’ training is a priority in order to provide our pupils with the best possible educational experience.  We now plan to have all staff members included in a Team Building expedition to enhance teamwork.

George’s books!

George is one of DGS’s past pupils, sponsored by Jane.  He has now moved on to High School and has recently received a donation from Jane to buy the necessary textbooks.

George is very grateful for these and hopes now he has these maerials to work hard and make good progress in his studies.

Our thanks to Jane for providing George with the means to progress with his education and for supporting DGS.

End of Year Celebrations

DGS has had excellent exam results from their Year 8 students.   The Final Primary Examinations for Grade 8 were conducted in early November.  In Year 8 students take the KCPE (Kenya Certificate for Primary Education), which marks the end of their stay at DGS.  They now continue on to High School, in the following January.   (Other classes also sat internal Examinations in the months of September and October.)


This year’s final class made the entire DGS family proud by topping the results tables in our local area. The school’s average mark is now the highest since the inception of DGS.  Our top Seven Students in the just re-leased KCPE Class 8 Exam Results all achieved excellent grades.

Some students who struggle financially to stay on at high school are sponsored by a local Mombasa company.

The staff and students celebrated the end of another year with song and dance as school closed for the Long Break in December 2017.  A delicious meal of “Pilau” (Spiced Rice with Beef) was served on this special day.

Classroom and School Improvements in 2017

DGS now has a dazzling new look!

Improvements to the school furniture and classrooms and the buildings continue to make life more comfortable for the students and staff so that learning and teaching can take place successfully.

New desks were made by a local carpenter and delivered to the school thanks to generous donations from sponsors David Amarasekera and Ashley. This helped ease crowding in the classrooms;  many students are now sitting only in pairs, although we still have most students sitting in threes.  By the end of the term four classes had been  furnished with new desks.

A local Mombasa company has been doing substantial work on the school buildings.  The Staffroom went through a makeover. It now has fresh paint and is completely tiled.  An additional six classes have now been fully tiled, and all classes repainted.   Come January 2018, the new developments will truly amaze those who were unaware of the changes!


KG3 Graduation celebrations

It was another glorious moment of celebration as the KG 3 Class graduated at the end of the school year.   Wonderful news – all 30 of them will be joining Grade 1 next year starting in January 2018.  The chidlren wore deep blue graduation outfits and shared a magnificent graduation cake!

In a wonderful happy event, the students entertained guests, parents and other students in the school.  And then the children, staff and parents celebrated together with song and dance.

Taking Care of Our Pupils

The Feeding Program is still an integral part of DGS and we have managed to provide lunch throughout the term thanks to generous donations from various sponsors. We appreciate all the effort put in seeing this through and in keeping 470 children well fed and in school. It is a time they all look forward to especially if it is their most favourite meal. The Kitchen staff have worked tirelessly to ensure the children receive tasty and nutritious meals of the best possible standard.

Education and Health inspectors visited the school during the Third Term duration. The school and its staff passed all the inspection standards with flying colours.

In other news, there was a Cholera outbreak in Mombasa, but fortunately no cases were reported at DGS. We give health advice to our pupils to help them keep safe and well.  Children are reminded to only drink treated water while at home. The DGS borehole water, within the school grounds is treated regularly and site repairs are carried out to manage the risk of cholera and other infections.

DGS children welcome visitors

In November 2017, a team of 3 arrived from London. Tino (Allies & Morrison), Henry and Richard (both from Arup) volunteered in the Dining Shelter construction site for close to a week. They also managed to spend some quality time with the DGS children, playing games and getting to know the children.

Term Two 2017 – Closing Day

As curtains close on Term 2, we wish to thank all our sponsors for journeying with Destiny Garden School. DGS has accomplished a lot in providing quality education to all the enrolled children. During the Closing Day Assembly, both staff and children gathered to give account of the term that was. The children now look forward to their August holiday.

More Desks in DGS

With the ever increasing numbers of needy children in the neighbourhood, Destiny Garden School has been taking on new admissions of disadvantaged children. This constantly leads to inadequate sitting places in the classrooms. With recent Desk donations, the whole of Class One received new desks units; their old desks were given to the other classes, some having to be repaired.   There is now more space in the class for children to sit and write comfortably ensuring learning takes place smoothly.


Improving English Reading & Writing Skills – April 2017

DGS received an English story books donation from the CfBT (Centre for British Teachers) organization working with AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) and WWW (Wasichana Wote Wasome) local for Educating All the Girl-child. The English language is largely being promoted in the country as one of the official languages alongside the local Swahili. Young children are being encouraged to embrace speaking more in English. The new set of story books will enhance English speaking and reading standards in the school.

School Lunches Term One – 1st March 2017

Providing lunch for  our 470 children is important, not only for their well-being and for their ability to learn effectively, but also to help ensure the children attend school.  At home many of the parents and guardians from this very needy neighbourhood  find it difficult to provide adequate food and are grateful knowing their children will receive a nutritious school lunch each day.  Several generous donations have ensured that DGS can provide this meal during this first term  – our grateful thanks go to Stella Billi of Africa Watoto, sponsor Tracy Norton and the staff from Allies and Morrison Architects.

Sporting Successes

In February and March, DGS took part in Ball Games competitions. Both the boys’ and girls’ teams impressed at both football and volleyball.   An impressive five students proceeded to the Sub-County level.  They are: Matano Said (Class 8, Boys Football), Brandon Lee (Class 8, Boys Volleyball), Melisa Queera (Class 7), Fatuma Mwalimu (Class 7) and Amina Mohammed (Class 8) all in the Girls’ Football team.  congratulations to all the students!

Term One Ball Games – March 2017

DGS took part in the Term One Ball Games competitions. Both boys’ and girls’ teams impressed at the football and volleyball games. Five students proceeded to the Sub-County level. This is an improvement compared to the previous year. Our girls and boys continue to blossom both academically and in co-curricular activities.


Exercise Books – 30th January 2017

DGS received a much needed supply of exercise books to kick start the first term classes. The children normally start the new year in a new class with old, torn and worn out exercise books, with little spare space left to take them through the term. This year, with the new donated exercise books, classes have resumed on a very bright note. DGS thanks Kings’ School, the Neovia Supply Team and other donors under the Gifts That Make A Difference scheme, for their grand contribution to ensure all children in DGS have a place to write.

Letters from sponsors

Some children were very excited to receive letters this term.  They shared the letters with the rest of the class during the English lessons. These are moments the children look forward to. Knowing there is a friend on the other side of the world is something to really treasure.

DGS Cleanliness and Sanitation Project Gets a Boost – September 2016

This project was guided by Brenda Ongola, one of DGS Directors, with the aim of making Destiny Garden School the cleanest school in Mtongwe.  Brooms, bins and cleaning materials were bought for all the classrooms and the children were given advice on cleanliness and how to keep all areas of the school clean.   The Girls’ toilets were improved – the area was paved, a wall put up to give them more privacy, and basins and mirrors installed. Training on the use of modern washrooms was given and the importance of  good hygiene and washing hands was stressed. Our thanks go to UK supporter, Marcus,  who very generously funded the project.  

Kenya at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio – August 2016

The whole country was delighted with the Kenyan team performance at the Summer Olympics in Rio this August. Kenya sparked in its finest Olympic showing in history with a 13 medal howl and fifteenth place overall. This was also the best African performance. The best moments in Rio were: Jemima Sumgong became the first female Kenyan winner of the Marathon race, and David Rudisha (the World and Olympic Record Holder in Men’s 800 metres) retained his title. World champion Julius Yego had a near miss as he settled for the Silver medal in the Men’s Javelin throw. Yego started his javelin throwing career after watching and training using Youtube video clips; he is now a household name in Athletics globally.


End of Term Exams – August 2016

End of Term Two 2016 is here! The children at DGS sat their end of term exams and, as usual, the last few days have been a nervous time for them. The only consolation is that there is a holiday waiting ahead. The examinations were administered peacefully from the first paper to the last. Results are already out and all the children have individual copies to take back home.

Special treat for Class 5 – 9 August 2016

Alan’s sponsors, Michael and Rosemary, bought a special end of term treat for his class – snacks to enjoy during the day including biscuits, Éclair chocolate sweets and pineapple juice. They also received stationery for their class work including pens (blue and black), pencils, rubbers, sharpeners and tapes. The students and Class 5 teacher loved the goodies and enjoyed an impromptu end of term party!


A visit from DCC Trustee – July 2016

Judy Roper, Trustee and founder of the UK Destiny Children Charity, was here in DGS!  We all gave her a very warm welcome and she stayed with Jacob and Brenda, the School Directors.  Judy spent time at the school interacting with both  staff and students.  She gave all the children a class photo to take home and played some classroom games with them,  followed by a treat of biscuits and fruit juice.  Judy saw some of the developments first hand since her last visit and had several meetings with Jacob, Brenda and Boaz, the Sponsorship Manager, and  a formal meeting with all the DGS staff. It was sad to say farewell at the end of her two week visit and we hope she returns again soon.

Students learn to play the recorder – 24 June 2016

Mitchel’s sponsor Patrick, a UK music teacher, donated 9 recorders to introduce more music to DGS. Nine keen students have formed a lunchtime group and are having fun learning how to play. Mitchel’s teacher, Madam Christine, had never played the recorder before and, with notes from Patrick and an Osborne book on recorders, she is teaching herself during the weekends.

Volunteer Beth Gracely at DGS – June 2016

DGS welcomed Beth Gracely to Destiny Garden School. During her time at the school she donated a book case and textbooks for the library and helped Masika, the school administrator and librarian, to stamp the new books and cover them with protective brown paper. Beth took time to go into the classes to interact with the pupils, and she played with the Kindergarten children during break times. During her stay in Mombasa she took the opportunity to visit the Animal Park for the weekend. Beth said she loved working at DGS and the experience was beyond her expectations.

Cake and Fruit Gift – 6th June 2016

The entire Destiny Garden School family received a generous gift of bananas. The children love to have fruit as a treat after lunch and it ensures a balanced diet; at present, however, we are only able to buy fruit occasionally. The gift was a donation from sponsor Susan and Graham Burnett to celebrate the birthday of their sponsored child. They also bought a huge birthday cake for Class KG2 in the shape of an aeroplane, much to the excitement of the whole class. It is a tradition in Kenya to feed the birthday girl with a piece of cake and paint her face with the icing!

First Aid Kits – 25th May 2016

The First Aid Team has received new First Aid kits. This has been made possible by a generous donation from Alana Monge, who recently volunteered at DGS,  and her friend. The school now has 3 new kits, together with extra supplies to replace essential items.  These kits will assist in First Aid issues both within and outside the school compound – for example the Athletics team taking part in the recent interschool’s competition was able to use one of the kits.

The availability of these kits gives the school more confidence in handling injury cases and ensures  DGS is complying with the health authorities regulations.

Athletics and Track Events at Destiny Garden – 20th May 2016

Many Destiny Garden School pupils attended the first Sports outing of  the second  term, competing with other schools in the area.   They took part in several races and field events such as long jump, short put, javelin and discus throw.  Most managed to progress to the next round where it will get more competitive, but the teachers are confident they will do well as they are a very capable team.

Carpenter Makes Desks for DGS – 29th April 2016

During the school holidays the local carpenter, Mr Bernard, has been making a few desks for the children at Destiny Garden School.  This has been made possible by kind donations that not only helps DGS but also provides work for our local carpenter.  The desk units are designed for 2 pupils but often have to be shared by 3 or 4;  the School still needs another 24 Desk units.

Sports at Destiny Garden School – 17th April 2016

Every year during Term One sessions, the extra-curriculum activities bring pupils from different schools together to play a variety of ball games. During this year’s Term One, DGS pupils marched into different ball game competitions – football, volleyball and netball. A good number or our pupils qualified to be included in different zonal teams and some went all the way to the county level, which is the second highest level.

Alana, Vanessa and Meredith volunteer at DGS – 20th March 2016

DGS welcomed Alana, Vanessa and Meredith to Destiny Garden School. During their time they aided in teaching, office duties such as filing, playing with children and generally putting a smile onto everyone’s face. It was a joyous week at DGS with all of them around.

 For more details and photos please see

Volunteer Alana works at DGS – 20th March 2016

Alana and her friends Vanessa and Meredith, from Colorado, USA, enjoyed doing some voluntary work at Destiny Garden School. Alana says:

“We had an amazing time getting to volunteer and learn more about the school, and were extremely welcomed by Boaz, Jacob, and his family and everyone at the school. I was impressed with all Jacob has  put into the creation of Destiny Garden School and how huge a difference this is making for so many children. I was so touched by the love, care, authenticity, intention, and creation of this school benefiting so many children in an impoverished area, and how talented each teacher is in what they have to offer their students.  Words are not enough to describe how grateful I am for my time with Destiny Garden School, the impact the experience has had on me, and my desire to stay connected with DGS”

For more details see  Alana’s Reflections

Power to Write – 11th February

Destiny Garden School received a massive donation from the Destiny Children Charity (DCC) in the form of exercise books to boost the children’s classwork. Purchasing enough exercise books for all the children each term is one of the school’s big challenges and thanks to the supporters of DCC this has been made possible. The exercise books were distributed among all the classes from Baby Class to Class Eight.

Dear Pen Pal – 6th February 2016

DGS students Monica and her classmates in class 1, and Mwinyi together with his classmates in class 2, were excited to receive letters all the way from the UK! These letters were from Libertie and Mackensie, children of one of our sponsors in the UK who follows the education of both Monica and Mwinyi.

The letters were addressed to the whole class and the teachers used them as a teaching aid so the class could test their English skills, and learn a bit more about the UK.

With the help of the whole class and the teachers, Monica and Mwinyi were able to write letters back to the sponsor.