The Sound of Musical Instruments in DGS


Remembering Mrs. Bhatul Amiji

Mrs. Bhatul’s first visit to the school, Jacob welcoming her

Handing our masks donated to parents

Mrs. Bhatul talking to pupils in class 8 when she visited the school


Parents with new masks queuing for food donations

On 18th December 2020 Directors, Management, Staff, and pupils of Destiny Garden School came to learn of the passing away of one of our dear sponsors Mrs. Batul Amiji.

She will be dearly remembered not only for supporting education but also for her fight against covid-19 through the recent donation of thousands of face masks to the school. Each year she would sponsor a few pupils who have passed primary school to high school. She has also been supporting those who have completed high school and done well so that they can access university education. Through her support, the school was able to receive several desks and benches for pupils to use.

Before her demise, she had previously communicated with the Director Mr. Jacob, that she was seriously looking into supporting vocational training for our pupils who leave school and are unable to join university education so that they become breadwinners of their families.

It would be difficult to measure the impact Mrs. Batul Amiji has had on the many people’s lives she touched, personally and professionally.

Her commitment to helping others who are less fortunate leaves a wonderful legacy.

She became a passionate, caring, thoughtful and generous friend of Destiny Garden School, and we are very grateful for the many contributions that she made to shape the future of our school and the destiny of the pupils. We are saddened to lose such a loyal and committed friend.

May God Almighty comfort and strengthen her family.

Covid-19 Crisis : Forever Thankful

As you may well know, the year 2020 was a very difficult one for many individuals and institutions across the world. This was due to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. Most of the schools in Kenya were closed like many other schools globally. Furthermore, DGS parents or guardians who are breadwinners had to stay at home. Some lost their jobs. Businesses were closed.

Fortunately, our DGS families were very happy to receive support from well-wishers and friends from all over the world. Thanks to the support of the Destiny Children’s Charity UK and many sponsors, we distributed food parcels, hand sanitizers, face masks, and all mandatory covid-safe requirements. We implemented the distribution program in an orderly and covid-safe manner.

In addition to this, the welfare of our hardworking staff was taken care of. This was through the uninterrupted flow of their pay. It was a beautiful thing especially at a time when most schools were closing. Sadly, they had no income to pay their staff. The impact of the covid-19 pandemic was being felt everywhere.

Looking back, we shall forever be grateful to you our friends from all over the world. You generously gave to make sure that our staff and pupils together with their families were supported. Today, our school has changed in many ways.

In conclusion, together with our musical staff and pupils, we composed a song conveying appreciation to all our sponsors. The response from around the world was overwhelming! You can view this link to watch and listen to the song. Thank you to all our dear sponsors. We appreciate your care. Pamoja tutashinda (together we shall overcome) !!!

This article was written by Brenda Ongola, DGS Sponsorship Director, Mombasa, Kenya

Highlights of Covid-19 Preparedness

Parents receiving food donations

More handwashing stations for our ECD learners

Staying safe with hand sanitizers from our friends

One of our staff using his phone to prepare and send assignments via WhatsApp


Thankful for new digital sanitizers

New Textbooks!!!

We received new desks for physical distancing in classrooms

September 2020 Food Parcels Distribution



July 2020 Food donations

To Alana and friends, and all our sponsors, July 2020 was great because of your generosity. DGS is grateful for your kindness and concern during the difficult moments for the families affected by the covid-19 crisis.

Opening Day – January 2020

The school year started in January 2020 as staff and students arrived in DGS to kickstart yet another year. This is finally the end of the long holiday and the beginning of the school year. Teachers assist students to adapt from the home environment to the school environment onwards.