Market Clean Up

Grade 3 pupils took part in a market clean up exercise. The community was glad to receive the children and commended their good work. The children were tasked to improvise cleaning tools which they did very well and proved effective.


DGS Students in Joint Assessment

One of our local partners set up a joint assessment between different schools in the area. DGS students performed very well. All students who participated in the assessment were later rewarded. The Assessment was based on Numeracy and Literacy (English and Swahili) skills.

2019 Year 8 – Final Exams Preparation

The final year class of this year are making strong preparations as they cover all learning areas. The teaching staff is working hand in hand with them to ensure everyone will be at their best at the end of the year.

The Scouts’ Club

The Scouts’ Club is responsible for conducting the start of each assembly in DGS. The team comprises of girls and boys in charge of hoisting the national flag and singing the national anthem. On Mondays they sing the national anthem in English while on Fridays they sing in Swahili. They also ensure the trees in the DGS environment are protected.

Mathematical Sets Donation

Class 8 students each received a mathematical set to assist their geometrical skills in the Mathematics class. We hope this addition will help improve the mathematics results in the national examinations in October.

Electric Fans Now in Classrooms

Thanks to a generous donation from one of our sponsors electric fans have been fitted in the library and a few classrooms. This is as a result of the high temperatures especially in the afternoons that make it unbearable for learning to continue effectively in the classrooms.

Play Time Break

Pupils have one short break in between the morning classes. They use the break to unwind and relax by playing some creative games. Next time you visit DGS make sure you play one of the games with the children.

Ball Games – Term Two 2019

The activity fees funded by the Destiny Children Charity went a long way. A good number of students were able to represent the school. The games competitions started at the zonal level, then to the sub-county, county and regional level. Two of our DGS  students made it all the way to the regional level and a few teachers were able to go to these games to support them.

Colorado Fundraising Bingo Event

The DGS lunch programme has received a very big boost. Our friends from Colorado, Alana and Meredith, organised a fundraising bingo event and raised over Ksh 192,000 to go towards the lunches we provide the children at Destiny garden School. We sent Alana this film clip to show at their event, and as it was her birthday we sent an additional surprise film clip. We remember Alana, Meredith and Vanessa from their trip to Mombasa (DGS) for voluntary work back in 2016. This link is a summary of their visit.

Lunch at DGS – Preparing to Cleaning up

Welcome to Destiny Garden’s lunch program. Our aim is to provide all the children with a nutritious lunch every school day to help learn more effectively; for some this is their only proper meal during the day.  Meal preparation involves the kitchen staffs buying and sorting out the food before cooking it. The students are very responsible and help with cleaning up the tables and seats. They do this before and after the meal.

Term One 2019 Mid-Term Examinations

The first wave of examinations is here. All students sat for examinations based on the January classes. Most of the students had mixed feelings since this was the first examinations of 2019. After 3 restless days, the students completed their examinations. It was a silent relief to many. We keep encouraging students to take the examinations and enjoy school for this reason.

Lunch Break in DGS

Students always look forward to the DGS lunch break. All children enjoy free lunch provided through the school’s feeding program. The children get to sit and enjoy the meal together.

Term One 2019 – Games Preparations

Destiny Garden School children are warming up to participate in the Term One  games competition. Students will be participating in athletics (track and field events). Teachers are ensuring  the students get enough training and support .We wish them all the best as they plan to represent DGS.

Grade One Learning “Sounds” in English Class

Grade One students  are advancing their English language skills. They really enjoy learning sounds in the english lesson. All are excited and ready to learn more from their teacher.

Welcoming the Day Care Class 2019

The Day Care class is receiving new admissions, the school having reopened the first week of January. The age of children being admitted is 3-4 years old. The children are already enjoying their stay in DGS as they play and learn a few basic things about school. We are glad they are starting school and look forward to more years with them.

Back to School – January 2019

It is January 2019 and students have reported back to school after the long Holiday break in November and December. The students have enjoyed their break, many visiting other existing family members within and out of Mombasa. They are now back and we look forward to a prosperous New Year.