End of Year Celebrations

DGS has had excellent exam results from their Year 8 students.   The Final Primary Examinations for Grade 8 were conducted in early November.  In Year 8 students take the KCPE (Kenya Certificate for Primary Education), which marks the end of their stay at DGS.  They now continue on to High School, in the following January.   (Other classes also sat internal Examinations in the months of September and October.)


This year’s final class made the entire DGS family proud by topping the results tables in our local area. The school’s average mark is now the highest since the inception of DGS.  Our top Seven Students in the just re-leased KCPE Class 8 Exam Results all achieved excellent grades.

Some students who struggle financially to stay on at high school are sponsored by a local Mombasa company.

The staff and students celebrated the end of another year with song and dance as school closed for the Long Break in December 2017.  A delicious meal of “Pilau” (Spiced Rice with Beef) was served on this special day.

Classroom and School Improvements in 2017

DGS now has a dazzling new look!

Improvements to the school furniture and classrooms and the buildings continue to make life more comfortable for the students and staff so that learning and teaching can take place successfully.

New desks were made by a local carpenter and delivered to the school thanks to generous donations from sponsors David Amarasekera and Ashley. This helped ease crowding in the classrooms;  many students are now sitting only in pairs, although we still have most students sitting in threes.  By the end of the term four classes had been  furnished with new desks.

A local Mombasa company has been doing substantial work on the school buildings.  The Staffroom went through a makeover. It now has fresh paint and is completely tiled.  An additional six classes have now been fully tiled, and all classes repainted.   Come January 2018, the new developments will truly amaze those who were unaware of the changes!


KG3 Graduation celebrations

It was another glorious moment of celebration as the KG 3 Class graduated at the end of the school year.   Wonderful news – all 30 of them will be joining Grade 1 next year starting in January 2018.  The chidlren wore deep blue graduation outfits and shared a magnificent graduation cake!

In a wonderful happy event, the students entertained guests, parents and other students in the school.  And then the children, staff and parents celebrated together with song and dance.

Taking Care of Our Pupils

The Feeding Program is still an integral part of DGS and we have managed to provide lunch throughout the term thanks to generous donations from various sponsors. We appreciate all the effort put in seeing this through and in keeping 470 children well fed and in school. It is a time they all look forward to especially if it is their most favourite meal. The Kitchen staff have worked tirelessly to ensure the children receive tasty and nutritious meals of the best possible standard.

Education and Health inspectors visited the school during the Third Term duration. The school and its staff passed all the inspection standards with flying colours.

In other news, there was a Cholera outbreak in Mombasa, but fortunately no cases were reported at DGS. We give health advice to our pupils to help them keep safe and well.  Children are reminded to only drink treated water while at home. The DGS borehole water, within the school grounds is treated regularly and site repairs are carried out to manage the risk of cholera and other infections.

DGS children welcome visitors

In November 2017, a team of 3 arrived from London. Tino (Allies & Morrison), Henry and Richard (both from Arup) volunteered in the Dining Shelter construction site for close to a week. They also managed to spend some quality time with the DGS children, playing games and getting to know the children.

Mark and Junko's Visit to DGS

Mark & Junko visit Destiny Garden School – October 2017

Jacob, Destiny Garden School Director, and Boaz, the School Manager, gave a warm welcome to Mark and Junko.  This was to be a working holiday but with some time taken out to visit a beach and a safari park.  Mark, an architect from Allies & Morrison, London, was there to undertake a site visit in connection with the proposed new Dining Shelter, and his wife Junko was his assistant.  The ground levels had to be measured, dimensions of the site taken and prospective contractors interviewed.  However Mark and Junko spent  time with the DGS children and staff, and even found time to run some workshops.  The visit was a great success; please see this link to their report.

Term Two 2017 – Closing Day

As curtains close on Term 2, we wish to thank all our sponsors for journeying with Destiny Garden School. DGS has accomplished a lot in providing quality education to all the enrolled children. During the Closing Day Assembly, both staff and children gathered to give account of the term that was. The children now look forward to their August holiday.

Year 7 and 8 visit Fort Jesus, Old Town - Mombasa

Trip to the High Courts and Fort Jesus, Old Mombasa

Class 7 and 8 visited the Mombasa High Court and the ancient Fort Jesus, which is located in Old Town of Mombasa. This was both an Educational and Recreational trip. At the High Court they learnt about how the justice system works.  Fort Jesus has played an integral part in the history of Mombasa and the coastal people.

More Desks in DGS

With the ever increasing numbers of needy children in the neighbourhood, Destiny Garden School has been taking on new admissions of disadvantaged children. This constantly leads to inadequate sitting places in the classrooms. With recent Desk donations, the whole of Class One received new desks units; their old desks were given to the other classes, some having to be repaired.   There is now more space in the class for children to sit and write comfortably ensuring learning takes place smoothly.


DGS Games Team received Soccer balls –May 2017

The DGS Games Team received 2 Mykasa Soccer balls from a local organisation . These are World Cup replica balls more durable than other soccer ball brands. The whole team was delighted to receive the balls

Birthday Celebrations

Thanks to sponsors’ generous donations, a number of mini parties were held to celebrate students’ birthdays. These are always a huge surprise to the individual and the class as most students do not know their birthday dates. In this poor area of Mombasa birthdays are not usually celebrated.  Apart from a large birthday cake, the celebration includes banans for the whole school!

New Incinerator

Thanks to a very generous donation from the Rotary Club of Knutsford, DGS now has a fully constructed incinerator ready for operation, starting in May. The incinerator alleviate concerns over waste management.

Deilicious school lunches!

The feeding programme for students continues to grow each year, especially with the number of needy children gradually increasing from time to time. DGS is currently managing lunches for about 470 children. Many guardians and parents struggle to feed their children, find this a great benefit.

In April, thanks to generous donations, DGS children were delighted with a whole week of special meals. The children enjoyed assorted meals of beef, fish and special beans served with rice and followed by banana fruit. These delicious meals on the closing week were courtesy of generous donations.

Improving English Reading & Writing Skills – April 2017

DGS received an English story books donation from the CfBT (Centre for British Teachers) organization working with AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) and WWW (Wasichana Wote Wasome) local for Educating All the Girl-child. The English language is largely being promoted in the country as one of the official languages alongside the local Swahili. Young children are being encouraged to embrace speaking more in English. The new set of story books will enhance English speaking and reading standards in the school.

School Lunches Term One – 1st March 2017

Providing lunch for  our 470 children is important, not only for their well-being and for their ability to learn effectively, but also to help ensure the children attend school.  At home many of the parents and guardians from this very needy neighbourhood  find it difficult to provide adequate food and are grateful knowing their children will receive a nutritious school lunch each day.  Several generous donations have ensured that DGS can provide this meal during this first term  – our grateful thanks go to Stella Billi of Africa Watoto, sponsor Tracy Norton and the staff from Allies and Morrison Architects.

Design and Technology at DGS

Meet the budding Building and Construction Engineers and architects of DGS!  These children use whatever simple materials like mud and sand to build imaginative constructions.  What a shame they cannot build their housing designs and live in them!

A budding gymnast!

In one of the classes, we found a rare talent; a budding gymnast. Apparently, he entertains the rest of his classmates during their free time by executing back flips and handstands!

Sporting Successes

In February and March, DGS took part in Ball Games competitions. Both the boys’ and girls’ teams impressed at both football and volleyball.   An impressive five students proceeded to the Sub-County level.  They are: Matano Said (Class 8, Boys Football), Brandon Lee (Class 8, Boys Volleyball), Melisa Queera (Class 7), Fatuma Mwalimu (Class 7) and Amina Mohammed (Class 8) all in the Girls’ Football team.  congratulations to all the students!

Term One Ball Games – March 2017

DGS took part in the Term One Ball Games competitions. Both boys’ and girls’ teams impressed at the football and volleyball games. Five students proceeded to the Sub-County level. This is an improvement compared to the previous year. Our girls and boys continue to blossom both academically and in co-curricular activities.


Exercise Books – 30th January 2017

DGS received a much needed supply of exercise books to kick start the first term classes. The children normally start the new year in a new class with old, torn and worn out exercise books, with little spare space left to take them through the term. This year, with the new donated exercise books, classes have resumed on a very bright note. DGS thanks Kings’ School, the Neovia Supply Team and other donors under the Gifts That Make A Difference scheme, for their grand contribution to ensure all children in DGS have a place to write.

Our school goats

The children enjoy herding the school goats after their afternoon classes. A new goat was donated by a sponsor under the GTMAD scheme – Gifts That Make A Difference.

Letters from sponsors

Some children were very excited to receive letters this term.  They shared the letters with the rest of the class during the English lessons. These are moments the children look forward to. Knowing there is a friend on the other side of the world is something to really treasure.

New Children in Baby Class – 23rd January 2017

The Baby Class of DGS recruited new students at the beginning of the new school year. This group of enthusiastic children has now joined the education world. Many were unaware what would happen after their parents dropped them off on their first day at school. They have, however, adjusted to the new environment and can’t wait to see their friends each day. We join in supporting them as they enter the larger DGS family.

Exam time!

Childrn sit exams regularly during the school year to track progress in key subjects.

Class 6 children delighted with exercise book bought from generous donations

In January, all children in all classes benefited from exercise book and stationery donations. Parents are usually penniless at this time of the year especially after the holiday break and Christmas holidays. And are unable to provide these. The children were delighted as they re-ceived the donations made possible by King’s School, Neovia Supply Team and GTMAD scheme – Gifts That Make A Difference.

The New School Year Starts – 6th January 2017

It is with much delight that we welcome back all our children and staff members  to kick-start the new year and term.  We take this opportunity to wish them all the best and to also thank our Destiny Garden School Stakeholders – we wish them a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017. Let us make this  year even better.