Class 8 Sit Their Final Primary Examinations – November 2016

After a long year of preparation, Class 8 of 2016 finally sat their final Primary Level Examinations. Like previous years, the Examinations ran smoothly with no notable incidences and all pupils maintained a clean bill of health during the entire sessions. They leave DGS full of hope as they await their Examinations Results. The staff and parents wish them all the best as they seek to join High Schools after New Year. Class 8 of 2016 sent their heartfelt gratitude to the teachers and staff of DGS and to their sponsors for supporting their education.

Domino’s Pizza for DGS’s Top Performers – November 2016

DGS pupils who performed well were taken to Domino’s for a Pizza Treat; the visit also included learning how to prepare different pizza flavours. It was the first time the attending pupils had tasted pizza and the elation could be witnessed as they tore into their pizzas. It was a phenomenal moment for the whole group and they all pledged to work even harder in the following examinations. DGS thanks the sponsor for the generous donation towards making the treat such a success.

KG3’s Graduation and DGS’s Closing Day Celebrations – October 2016

It was a day of great joy and expectation as Kindergarten Class 3 (KG 3) finally graduated to Primary Class One level. The staff, fellow pupils and parents were all jubilant to share the cheerful day. All thirty-eight children graduated and they marched into the hall with their teachers to receive a Certificate of Excellence. The rest of the classes’ top performers and achievers received prizes in recognition of their hard work. A special meal was provided for everyone and the school now takes a long holiday break through to January.

Regina Shack and Bernd Visit DGS – October 2016

It was a great joy when Regina and Bernd paid a visit to Destiny Garden School this October. They are both keen supporters and sponsors of the school and have visited the DGS on several occasions.  Regina and Bernd spent time with the Director, Jacob Boaz, catching up on the latest developments at DGS; there have been a number of remarkable improvements at the school and they were here to witness it all. They met their sponsored children and had time to wish the Class Eight candidates a successful time during their final Examinations. They were particularly pleased to see the kitchen which they helped build and which DGS has recently repainted.

Class Five Receive a Special Treat – October 2016

It was a great surprise and a special moment for the Class Five pupils and their teacher when they received a rare treat to celebrate Belinda’s Birthday; this was provided by her UK sponsors, Steve and Heather. The class had a huge cake to share, biscuits, delicious eclairs sweets and mango fruit juice. To capture the moment, her classmates sang birthday and happy songs as Belinda cut the cake. To include all the children at DGS, the rest of the proceeds from Steve and Heather’s donation went towards a special meal for the Closing Day Celebrations and the Class KG3 Graduation.

Relaxing After the Final Term Three 2016 Exams – 24th October 2016

After the October exams and to mark the end of the academic year, the DGS children took it to the field just to relax and pass time. It was always known Term Three would be a short and very busy one, fully of activities. The whole DGS family now looks forward to the Closing Day and the Class KG3 Graduation on 27th October which is expected to be the highlight of the end of 2016.

DGS Cleanliness and Sanitation Project Gets a Boost – September 2016

This project was guided by Brenda Ongola, one of DGS Directors, with the aim of making Destiny Garden School the cleanest school in Mtongwe.  Brooms, bins and cleaning materials were bought for all the classrooms and the children were given advice on cleanliness and how to keep all areas of the school clean.   The Girls’ toilets were improved – the area was paved, a wall put up to give them more privacy, and basins and mirrors installed. Training on the use of modern washrooms was given and the importance of  good hygiene and washing hands was stressed. Our thanks go to UK supporter, Marcus,  who very generously funded the project.  

Mombasa Rotary Club Visit to DGS – September 2016

A group of seven from Rotary Club of Mombasa visited Destiny Garden School during the August holidays. This was a much awaited trip and the first to DGS. Members of the group experienced first-hand the DGS environment and what life is like for the children. They were shown around the compound to see the school’s developments, and had the opportunity to interact and bond with the children and teachers. They brought sweets, fruit juice and chocolate biscuits, much to the excitement of the children, which lightened up their holiday spirits. The group looks forward to more visits to DGS.

Kenya at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio – August 2016

The whole country was delighted with the Kenyan team performance at the Summer Olympics in Rio this August. Kenya sparked in its finest Olympic showing in history with a 13 medal howl and fifteenth place overall. This was also the best African performance. The best moments in Rio were: Jemima Sumgong became the first female Kenyan winner of the Marathon race, and David Rudisha (the World and Olympic Record Holder in Men’s 800 metres) retained his title. World champion Julius Yego had a near miss as he settled for the Silver medal in the Men’s Javelin throw. Yego started his javelin throwing career after watching and training using Youtube video clips; he is now a household name in Athletics globally.


Year 8 study in their holidays – August 2016

Whilst the rest of the Destiny Garden School are on holiday our year 8 students are staying on at school to work towards their KCPE examinations which they will be taking in November. They are keen to obtain good marks to start High School in January. Some of the teachers are also giving up their holiday to teach the students and help them all to reach their full potential. We wish them all the best in their studies.

End of Term Exams – August 2016

End of Term Two 2016 is here! The children at DGS sat their end of term exams and, as usual, the last few days have been a nervous time for them. The only consolation is that there is a holiday waiting ahead. The examinations were administered peacefully from the first paper to the last. Results are already out and all the children have individual copies to take back home.

Special treat for Class 5 – 9 August 2016

Alan’s sponsors, Michael and Rosemary, bought a special end of term treat for his class – snacks to enjoy during the day including biscuits, Éclair chocolate sweets and pineapple juice. They also received stationery for their class work including pens (blue and black), pencils, rubbers, sharpeners and tapes. The students and Class 5 teacher loved the goodies and enjoyed an impromptu end of term party!


A visit from DCC Trustee – July 2016

Judy Roper, Trustee and founder of the UK Destiny Children Charity, was here in DGS!  We all gave her a very warm welcome and she stayed with Jacob and Brenda, the School Directors.  Judy spent time at the school interacting with both  staff and students.  She gave all the children a class photo to take home and played some classroom games with them,  followed by a treat of biscuits and fruit juice.  Judy saw some of the developments first hand since her last visit and had several meetings with Jacob, Brenda and Boaz, the Sponsorship Manager, and  a formal meeting with all the DGS staff. It was sad to say farewell at the end of her two week visit and we hope she returns again soon.

Students learn to play the recorder – 24 June 2016

Mitchel’s sponsor Patrick, a UK music teacher, donated 9 recorders to introduce more music to DGS. Nine keen students have formed a lunchtime group and are having fun learning how to play. Mitchel’s teacher, Madam Christine, had never played the recorder before and, with notes from Patrick and an Osborne book on recorders, she is teaching herself during the weekends.

Volunteer Beth Gracely at DGS – June 2016

DGS welcomed Beth Gracely to Destiny Garden School. During her time at the school she donated a book case and textbooks for the library and helped Masika, the school administrator and librarian, to stamp the new books and cover them with protective brown paper. Beth took time to go into the classes to interact with the pupils, and she played with the Kindergarten children during break times. During her stay in Mombasa she took the opportunity to visit the Animal Park for the weekend. Beth said she loved working at DGS and the experience was beyond her expectations.

Cake and Fruit Gift – 6th June 2016

The entire Destiny Garden School family received a generous gift of bananas. The children love to have fruit as a treat after lunch and it ensures a balanced diet; at present, however, we are only able to buy fruit occasionally. The gift was a donation from sponsor Susan and Graham Burnett to celebrate the birthday of their sponsored child. They also bought a huge birthday cake for Class KG2 in the shape of an aeroplane, much to the excitement of the whole class. It is a tradition in Kenya to feed the birthday girl with a piece of cake and paint her face with the icing!

First Aid Kits – 25th May 2016

The First Aid Team has received new First Aid kits. This has been made possible by a generous donation from Alana Monge, who recently volunteered at DGS,  and her friend. The school now has 3 new kits, together with extra supplies to replace essential items.  These kits will assist in First Aid issues both within and outside the school compound – for example the Athletics team taking part in the recent interschool’s competition was able to use one of the kits.

The availability of these kits gives the school more confidence in handling injury cases and ensures  DGS is complying with the health authorities regulations.

Athletics and Track Events at Destiny Garden – 20th May 2016

Many Destiny Garden School pupils attended the first Sports outing of  the second  term, competing with other schools in the area.   They took part in several races and field events such as long jump, short put, javelin and discus throw.  Most managed to progress to the next round where it will get more competitive, but the teachers are confident they will do well as they are a very capable team.

Carpenter Makes Desks for DGS – 29th April 2016

During the school holidays the local carpenter, Mr Bernard, has been making a few desks for the children at Destiny Garden School.  This has been made possible by kind donations that not only helps DGS but also provides work for our local carpenter.  The desk units are designed for 2 pupils but often have to be shared by 3 or 4;  the School still needs another 24 Desk units.

Sports at Destiny Garden School – 17th April 2016

Every year during Term One sessions, the extra-curriculum activities bring pupils from different schools together to play a variety of ball games. During this year’s Term One, DGS pupils marched into different ball game competitions – football, volleyball and netball. A good number or our pupils qualified to be included in different zonal teams and some went all the way to the county level, which is the second highest level.

Alana, Vanessa and Meredith volunteer at DGS – 20th March 2016

DGS welcomed Alana, Vanessa and Meredith to Destiny Garden School. During their time they aided in teaching, office duties such as filing, playing with children and generally putting a smile onto everyone’s face. It was a joyous week at DGS with all of them around.

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Power to Write – 11th February

Destiny Garden School received a massive donation from the Destiny Children Charity (DCC) in the form of exercise books to boost the children’s classwork. Purchasing enough exercise books for all the children each term is one of the school’s big challenges and thanks to the supporters of DCC this has been made possible. The exercise books were distributed among all the classes from Baby Class to Class Eight.

Dear Pen Pal – 6th February 2016

DGS students Monica and her classmates in class 1, and Mwinyi together with his classmates in class 2, were excited to receive letters all the way from the UK! These letters were from Libertie and Mackensie, children of one of our sponsors in the UK who follows the education of both Monica and Mwinyi.

The letters were addressed to the whole class and the teachers used them as a teaching aid so the class could test their English skills, and learn a bit more about the UK.

With the help of the whole class and the teachers, Monica and Mwinyi were able to write letters back to the sponsor.

New Desks – 5th February 2016

Gifts that make a difference is an ingenious scheme run by Destiny Charity UK whereby a donor gets to choose a suitable gift that makes a direct impact to the children at Destiny Garden.

It is through this program that we were able to acquire 2 new brand new desks – a birthday gift to Val from one of her friends. The desks we use at the school are designed for two children to share but in many cases we have 3 or even 4 children to a desk.

This gift will help avoid our children being overcrowded and they will thus be more comfortable and attentive in class.

From Hong Kong with Love – 6th February 2016

Destiny Garden school pupils have for many years been recipients of special lunches from across the world courtesy of many generous and kind sponsors. But never did we imagine that our school would attract investment as far wide as from Hong Kong.

That was the case this week as the pupils were treated to 2 days of royalty meals courtesy of a donation from Shirley Starsss, who lives in Hong Kong. On Thursday they were given chicken, spinach and a local favorite meal of Ugali. (Kenya’s staple food made from maize) plus an orange each. This was followed on Friday with another special local meal of spiced rice and meat. (Pilau).

All this was well received by our pupils who were excited to have chicken and meat – this was a real treat for them. The Children rarely get the chance to eat healthy balanced diets in their own homes as most families can barely afford to do so here in Mtongwe.


Cooking pots – 4th February 2016

As the population of our school has continued to grow, so has our needs leading to the inevitable wear and tear of many crucial items. The cooking pots, which have serviced us well for many years ensuring that we are all well-nourished, suffered a similar fate this year. Luckily for us we received timely and thoughtful donations from three of our sponsors which ensures that the cooking won’t be stopping at DGS, which is very positive for the learning in our school.


Securing our Destiny – 14th January 2016

Security lights often act as a deterrent and corrective measure to prevent any intrusion or burglary incidents in many buildings. It was thus only logical that we try and make our school as secure as possible by installing 3 new security lights which would illuminate the school and help our security guard have a better view of the surroundings while securing the premises. The funds for the lights were raised by the children at King’s School in the UK.


Safety first: DGS receives brand new fire extinguishers – 11th January 2016

Fire related accidents have been known to cause devastating injuries and unimaginable damage to property each year around the world. It is for this reason that DGS received new fire extinguishers this January to reduce the effects of any such accidents occurring within the school.

This not only makes the school a safer place for children but also helps keep in line with the county policies on safety at work. The funds for the fire extinguishers were raised by the children at King’s School in the UK.