Closing day and KG 3 celebration ceremony – 20th November 2015

The eagerly awaited annual Kindergarten graduation for 2015 and the closing day celebrations took place this year at the school hall where the guest of honour was Dr Kemba Jarena Lucas from America. The event was a massive success thanks to all our supporters.

All 30 Kindergarten pupils passed their exams to graduate to Primary School, class 1, and received their certificates. The top performers in each class were awarded with a prize. All the children were excited to receive a special gift bag as an early Christmas present, and the staff also received gifts in the form of shopping vouchers. The parents and guardians together with the children were given a special lunch to celebrate the end of a successful year at Destiny Garden School.

To get the full pictorial report on the event please click on this link: End of Year Celebrations at Destiny Garden School

Brand new school projector – 2nd November 2015

Keen supporters of Destiny Garden School, Debbie and Colin from the UK, donated funds to purchase a much needed school projector; this will be the first time DGS has had a projector and it will be a great help to our teachers. A projector is a crucial learning device in this day and age of technology. It will increase interest in class and attention span during lessons and allow our teachers to reach out to more pupils using more learning materials. It will also allow our pupils to interact with other pupils during seminars and workshops and also abroad, especially now that we have both electricity and internet connection in our school.

Special lunch and birthday celebrations – 7th October 2015

Following a donation for a special lunch for all the DGS children and a birthday treat from our keen supporters, the Arrowsmiths, Belinda Moraa from Class 4 was able to enjoy her birthday with her classmates yesterday. First, all the pupils enjoyed a special lunch of meat, rice and potatoes, then class 4 had a celebration of their own where Belinda celebrated her 12th birthday. She had two birthday cakes which was enough for the staff and children from other classes to enjoy!

Electricity at DGS – 10th September 2015

Destiny Garden School now has electricity! This was achieved through a grant from the world bank in conjunction with the Rural electrification authority of Kenya, as part of their ongoing campaign to have all primary schools in Kenya connected to the national electricity grid in readiness for the introduction of Information and communications technology (ICT)classes at primary level.

The electricity will supplement the existing solar power and go a long way in ensuring our school meet many of its goals such as light in the evenings for the children to complete their homework, after school classes, and parent teacher meetings. The introduction of computers will also help the staff in preparing for lessons and in their day to day clerical work.

School borehole – August 2015

Destiny Garden School finally has its own permanent water supply after many years of purchasing water and also harvesting rain water through the roof gutter in the rainy seasons. All this was made possible following a generous donation from No Maam FC .The borehole took 10 days to complete and clean safe water was found at a depth of 70ft. This was a major relief to everyone involved with the school as we enter another brand new and exciting chapter.

Special Celebration – 25th July 2015

In July the whole school were treated to a special lunch of rice, meat and vegetables; the children always look forward to meat as it is costly and rarely prepared at the school. This was to celebrate Mwinyi Shaffi’s birthday. His sponsor, the Arrowsmiths, funded this and also bought a birthday cake for Mwinyi and all his classmates in class 4. Mwinyi is now 12 years and may he live to grow to blow out many more candles!

The interesting story here was that this birthday treat was held during the holy month of Ramadhan where Muslims fast from dawn and dusk. So Mwinyi Shaffi and his Muslim classmates did not eat the cake at the school but had to carry the cake home to eat in the evening. Destiny Garden School teach children of all religions and approximately 50% are Muslims, which also reflects the population in Mombasa.

Bamburi Nature Trail Visit – 22nd July 2015

DGS children in the lower primary classes this week had the fortunate chance to visit Bamburi nature trail which is a game reserve near the city of Mombasa. They were able to view wild animals in their natural habitat such as hippopotamus, crocodiles, snakes, monitor lizards, tortoise and waterbucks. They were also excited to get the opportunity to feed the giraffes. Many of the children had never traveled so far out of their villages or seen these animals before. The trip was sponsored by well wishers from Mombasa County for children in the lower classes which are classes 3 to Kindergarten 1.

Parents and guardians meeting – 7th July 2015

A Teacher, Parents and Guardians Meeting was held on Tuesday 7th July to discuss ways to improve the pupils’ performance and reduce absenteeism from school. Other topics such as the importance of punctuality and ensuring their children come to school clean and tidy were covered. Destiny Garden School aim to involve all the parents and guardians in their children’s education and regular meetings such as this are held.

Africa Watoto Fund a Special Lunch for the Kindergarten Children – 12 June 2015

Our Kindergarten children were delighted recipients of a special lunch courtesy of Africa Watoto. Africa Watoto, a charity based in the UK run by Stella Bili, has been generous enough to help with the funding of our school lunch programme for the kindergarten children this year. On this occasion the lunch consisted of goat meat, rice and a banana each. This was a special treat as only a handful of times per year do the children receive meat and fruit -most of the childrens’ parents/guardians in our school can hardly afford such meals.

Destiny’s new playground – 8th June 2015

This week has seen the installation of swings, slides, see-saw and a climbing frame for the kindergarten children following a donation from ‘The staff and clients at ‘The Oasis Centre’.
The children were very excited with this new development and could not wait for the opportunity to go out to play. Many had never actually played on equipment like this before as they are not ready available in Mtongwe.

Inter-school competition – 14 March 2015

Destiny Garden School hosted 10 local schools to compete on items such as Reading, Skits, Poetry, songs and comprehension. 3 expert adjudicators in the various fields were on hand to give their view on the performances. Destiny Garden were judged to be the best school in reading and the second best in comprehension (questions). However Harambee Gardens was judged to the best overall school after getting the most points while Destiny Garden had the fourth best points total. The guest of honor was Mrs Ada Obura who is the principal Magistrate at the Kilifi law courts. The theme of the event was to promote girls education. The event was sponsored and organised by AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team).

Mtongwe football tournament – 13 March 2015

Destiny Garden school participated in the annual primary schools national football tournament (Mtongwe qualifiers). Our pupils performed admirably well with the boys posting successive 2-1 victories against Saint Patricks primary school and Smart academy. The girls football team also put in a strong display to hold a combined team of the best players from Mwagala primary and Longo primary to a 0-0 draw.

Donations for Text Books – 6 March 2015

Following donations from well wishers through the Gifts that make a difference (GTMAD) program, Destiny Garden school has seen it’s pupil to books ratio greatly reduced to 3:1 from the previous 5:1 which usually meant 5 children normally shared one book. We are very grateful to our donors and would welcome more donations to help bridge the gap so that every child can have proper access to a textbook.

Toothbrush Donation – 11th February 2015

DGS children have begun the year on a promising note after they received a donation of toothbrushes, dental floss and toothpaste. This was all courtesy of well-wisher Ms Cristy Molter from America who wanted to help our children maintain healthy oral hygiene habits. Ms Cristy is from the toothbrush for toddlers organisation, a dental health charity organisation.

DGS pupils fly high in national exams – 4 January 2015

Last years class 8 pupils performed very well in the just released national Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations. The top 3 pupils from the school emerged with 384, 381 and 360 Marks, out of 500 which will qualify them to gain places in the top Kenyan high schools. DGS’s average mark was 289 with 16 A’s in various subjects. We would like to thank the pupils, teachers, staff, directors and sponsors without whom these results would not have been possible.